4 thoughts on “Let’s hope this works

  1. There is more to Ellensburg than meets the eye. At least to me. when you first come in you think it's a really ugly place but they have some really old buildings that are just goregous. And everyone is so nice. You really do have to come down here one day Corey.
    I don't know if I'll ever make it to a football game but you are in my heart!

  2. hey it sounds so fun!! i really miss you tho!! hope all is well. dont get too serious w/ne guys. (my mistake i made this year). cuz they r jerks & will end up hurting you & dating your friends. lol, but besides that, he told my friend that i was too good for him so that was sweet of him considering i dont think that IM good enough for him. ok long comment/story, but my advice. concentrate on school, have parties & fun w/friends. JUST HAVE FUN!!!!! and come back soon. i miss you!! ur welcome @ my house anytime. ttyl. bye!!

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