Heroes and Interesting Stories

So let's see, what did I do today?

Class: In math we went over stuff. Stupid stuff that I already understood. People in my class don't pay attention and then they ask questions the day before the test. As if they're gonna get it! Then we started learning something new, well not new, but more confusing. Not so cool.

Nothing to say about history. In English my teacher read over my paper and gave me pointers. I think I can get a B, maybe a low A.

Squirrel family: So if you don't know already there is a squirrel family that lives in the bushes by the International Hall. I go by there everyday and love to watch them. They act like prairie dogs. It's so cute. Today I took pictures of them. I'll try and put them up tomorrow.

Central is such a beautiful place! You guys should so see it in the fall. I've taken tons of pictures so I'll put those up too if I can figure it out.

Heroes was on tonight. It is going fairly slowly but that's okay. During commericals everyone watching it told interesting stories about themselves. It was so much fun. Then I read some quotes to Yusuke but he didn't get any of them. *tear



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3 thoughts on “Heroes and Interesting Stories

  1. sounds fun! i took bunches of pictures too, but i still need to post pictures from other stuff…i gotta go on a picture postinig spree this weekend!

    i stopped watching heroes 😦 i forgot to watch it last monday, but i thought i'd just watch it at home that weekend, but my dad erased it! grr. it's ok, i'm still watching house 🙂
    are you watching house?

  2. I love watching heroes! I think it's phenomenal now! Hehe. Um. Nadia you can watch it on Nbc.com. Glad to hear your having a good time.NIce job with the enlish paper… I'm expecting a low c for my instructor draft, and hopefully an A or B for my final. I'm sure you'll do fine!Yes do post pictures!

  3. I do not watch House anymore, sadly. I watched the first episode but it wasn't that great in my opinion. Went way too slowly. Anyways, it's just one hour less of TV to watch so I'm not bummed that much. And the cast has left so that was sad too.

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