Squirrel’s Dying Affection

Class: Math quiz today. Forgot my calculator so I had to "run" (I use this word very loosely) back to my dorm and grab it. Made it back in time and was the third one to finish the quiz. Go me!

In history we had a lecture but we got out ten minutes early so I was happy.


Squirrel Family: So today on my way back to my dorm from history I heard this little squeaking noise. It was a squirrel. My guess is that he was proclaiming his love for me (or possibly another squirrel though I don't see how that's possible, I'm a much better match for him). So I asked him what was wrong (I really did, no joke, went up to the squirrel and said: hey, what's wrong?) but he ran off. Maybe he was embarrassed that I had heard him talking about me so he ran away. Poor guy, he's just too emotional.


Squirrel on top of the bush
Prairie Dog Squirrel

There's a picture of one of 'em. Ain't he cute?


Let's see, what else happened today. I made lentil soup with Gene for dinner. He also made cornbread. It was so good. Elisabeth, Yusuke, and Emi tried it. Everyone else either couldn't (Sidney=vegetarian) or didn't want to. Anyways, I was really hungry so I had two bowls of the stuff. I was kind of surprised actually, I normally don't eat that much.

Then we (Yusuke, Gene, and I) hung out for the rest of the evening. We played Mario Kart, the infamous solitaire group game that Nadia taught me, and tried to help Yusuke with a math problem (well, Gene did, I just wrote a little story which I shall include later).

Today I picked up some goregous leaves near my dorm. Different shades of red and orange. Oh my gosh you guys would die if you could see them. I am in love.

Now for the story I wrote:

   Once upon a time there was a very depressed little jack-o-lantern. One day, a little girl passing by heard it crying. "You're a sissy!" she said. The jack-o-lantern got mad and shot out green flames that enveloped the girl. She turned into water which the jack-o-lanter quickly drank. "Yum." Now he was happy and bounced off to chat with his fairy friends.

Hoped ya liked it. Well that's it for today. Adios! I shall now leave you with some goregous pictures of fall.


Central Fall 2007 014Central Fall 2007 024Central Fall 2007 027



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