The Princess Bride :P

Honestly nothing too important happened today.

I was tired so I took a nap and didn't work on my history paper like I told myself I would.

Then I went to some "Be Safe" program in my dorm. Not like I needed it or anything seeing as how I'm always on the lookout for rapists. 😛 Side note: I've decided I like that little smiley face guy so I'm going to start using it more often.

But anyways, I went to the cop thing cause they had doughnuts. They were kind of old though and I only had one. So after that me and everyone else went to the SURC and got milkshakes. I only drank like 1/6 of mine and gave the rest to Gene. Thank goodness it only cost like 50 cents.

Did you know there is a type of mushroom that lives off of radioactive stuff? I thought that was cool.

Tomorrow is movie night (The Princess Bride, I am so excited), a Bible study, and Open Mike Night. I hope the open mike and movie thing don't conflict, I'd like to go to both. If I have to choose though it's so going to The Princess Bride. Nothing can beat that.


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