I wonder if people actually read this.

So this weekend I went with Gene to his aunt's house. Though on the surface it may seem uneventful plenty of things took place. I met tons of his family. I played with his two 1st cousins once removed and learned that they liked me better than him. Well, it makes sense seeing as how he didn't really talk to them. I watched shows that I had planned on watching for some time. I had dinner with his family on Friday and with my mom on Saturday. Both were quite enjoyable. His family is so nice and funny. I felt right at home. I went to an Asian market where I got sweet bread and was able to try some interesting cookies. Then Gene's uncle gave me these capris from the garage sale the aunt had set up. Still have to try them on.


In other news, I will be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. I have finished both of my papers and am now going to have to study for midterms. The weather is lovely right now too. The Princess Bride was a great movie and I enjoyed it emmensly. Yep, that's all I can think of for now.

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