Mario rocks my world.

I got an A on my English paper. I really like that teacher. She laughs a lot which loosens up the mood. I turned in my history paper. And actually worked on stuff for midterms next week. I wish I could remember all that my math teacher says, he always makes me laugh. But I always forget, I guess it's too early in the morning for my brain to function. But I remember what he teaches me. I think he's around 38 but he looks a lot younger.


So I'm playing Mario 64 now. It's awesome. I decided to start all over again and so far have 3 stars. Woo hoo! 😛 The most stars I've gotten has been 73, I think. I gotta beat that! I had pizza and ice cream today. Same thing yesterday. It's nice but I gotta eat more healthy. I did have celery today for lunch. It's kind of cold out.

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