Candy + No Exercise = Disaster

Thanks to Mom giving me tons of candy I think I will gain the freshmen 20 that I swore I would not. Great. But, in like 30 minutes I'm gonna go play badmitton and then maybe do some weights. So that's something.

Yesterday I stayed up till 1 talking. I have become a rebel. Don't get mad, Dad, I'm still doing my homework. And I had pasta for dinner which is semi-healthy right?

The other day I walked through a large pile of leaves. They weren't crunchy like I wanted but I still enjoyed the experience.

Tonight I'm going to a history lecture. It's for extra credit. And everyone knows that I'll need it since my teacher is such a strict grader. Tomorrow is the Bible study again and game night. Seeing as how I never mentioned how the Bible study went I shall say so now. It was interesting. Everyone is really quiet so at times we just sat there in silence. I would have said something, but what? I'm not the leader and I had never met the girls before. We ended up drawing our families (mine is now hanging on my bulletin board, what can I say? I'm an artist).

Besides that I only have one more page (front and back) in my journal/diary! I'm so happy. I've been trying to finish that thing for a while now. I've had it for two years, which isn't bad but I wanted to start a new one for college.

Today my math teacher explained how the government owns everything and we, as citizens, own nothing. It sucks and makes me mad. Darn our government who won't let us have any freedom.

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