1 Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut has 200 calories!

"Why, I'm the most beautiful unicorn ever!" Frolly exclaimed. And he was quite right too. That doctor had done wonders. Suddenly Frolly jumped up and ran off. "I must show Dolly," he thought to himself. "Wait!" yelled the doctor,  "You need to check out!" But Fo was long gone.

Now, while Fo was under the knife the doctor had not only altered his appearance but he had also given him wings. So Fo flew all the way to Dolly. "Who the heck are you?" she asked when he landed. "Frolly. Don't you remember me Dolly? What do you think?" Dolly looked at him for a minute, her eyes in a squint. "Well, I liked you better before. Oh well, I guess we can just be friends, right?" At first Fo was sad that Dolly was no longer attracted to him in a romantic way but then he decided it really didn't matter. He was happy with himself and that's all that mattered. So the two became good friends.

A few months later…

Fo's life hasn't changed much except that he now has a fiance. Nope, it's not Dolly but rather her best friend Molly. Molly and Frolly are very much in love. But Dolly's not out of the loop either. She's now dating Rocky the racoon. So everyone's happy. The end.


Hope you liked the story. The ending's not great but whatever.

Finished my English paper. I think I'll turn it in on Wednesday but I'm not positive. No math quiz tomorrow, I'm happy. Today I talked to the guy sitting next to me. He seems nice enough though sometimes he speaks too quietly for me to hear. I also talked to Kaitlin and my cousin Sarah today. Am I being productive or what?

Speaking about productivity I am now on a new health plan. I am writing down everything I eat including its calories, fat, carbs, and sugars from carbs. I'm also counting my steps. I want to be healthy and not gain weight but rather gain muscle. Which, I guess is weight, isn't it? Well, that kind of weight I don't mind gaining.

Gene and I made scones yesterday. Again the middle didn't seem fully cooked but whatever. We'll just have to make them smaller again. That's not a problem though.

Tonight is the pumpkin party. Oh, and right now is the Spanish Club. Too bad I'm not gonna go. I don't feel like it. Maybe I never will again, we'll see. Anyways, I might go to the party tonight. I'm not sure. Depends on who else goes. 

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2 thoughts on “1 Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut has 200 calories!

  1. That is a really anticlimactic story since Fro does all that for Dolly, but ends up with her best friend. What was the point of the story if Fro didn't even have a chance at dolly? Very distressing.

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