Don’t worry, be happy.

Last night I had dinner at Mike's apartment with a lot of the pod gang. Some of the food was quite good, other stuff, not so great. All in all I had two bowls of rice and tons of chicken and vegetables. My stomach protruded a good half a foot before the night was over.

Then we watched the scary movie 1408 in the apartment's clubhouse. The movie was okay I guess. I was scared a lot of the time. Which is okay every once and a while, gotta make sure my heart is working properly. I didn't like the ending though. I'd like the hotel room to be explained more.

Today I did my homework and finished almost all of it. I only have one more thing to do and it's not that big, it'll take me 5 minutes. I'm also gonna review my history and math notes again so that'll be less than an hour. I'm going swimming tomorrow. The pool opens at 6 PM for recreational swimming. Me and Yusuke are going.

I watched Casino Royale tonight. Good movie but don't watch it too much or it gets old. The puzzle the dorm is doing is almost complete. We're missing pieces which sucks, my guess is that someone stole them. Or they may not have been there in the first place. Whatever the case the puzzle is pretty hard.

I think I'll go to church tomorrow. Don't know if anyone is going with me but I can handle going alone. It was fairly pleasant out today so I hope it's like that tomorrow.

Lesson I learned today: there's no point to worrying or being upset. It only harms yourself, no one else. 

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