Life is short. Eat tons of junk and die happy.

I finished my 4 year plan today. Took me forever to figure out what I was actually majoring in but in the end it all came together. I shall be double majoring: Spanish and Anthropology with a specialization in Musuem Studies. I can get it all done in four years too, it may be a busy schedule but I'm pretty sure I can handle it. And of course I can always change my mind too seeing as how I'm only a freshman. I'm not worried about it.

I walked around the track for 10 minutes today. Wow, that was not long at all but I was tired at the end of it. I think something might be wrong with my chest cause just speed walking for four laps made my chest hurt. That's not normal is it? I guess it could be a sign that I'm out of shape. But I already knew that.

Yay! My dad reads my blogs! That made my night.

I didn't know Luke wasn't one of the 12 disciples. I mean, I guess I did a long time ago when I memorized the 12 but it didn't really hit me until a few days ago. Where was he when Jesus was walking around?

Lesson of the day: Value your friends or you may lose them. Also, eat your vegetables or you'll get sick.

Extra credit: Who can tell me where this quote came from (likely isn't the exact quote but whatever)? If you guess correctly I'll give you a quarter next time I see you!

"Don't get near her, do not, or else you're gonna get sick. *throws up*"

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