Thanksgiving’s coming, the turkey’s getting fat…

Well, no one knows the answer to that one question I asked. Oh well, guess no one actually knows me that well or has hung around me long enough to know that.

Tonight is the Thanksgiving feast. I have already begun to prepare the food and Elsie will help me cook so I think all is good. Maybe some other people will help too, we'll see.

I got a B on my history paper.

Three day weekend. I'm excited about that.

I watched Aladin with Elisabeth, Fumiko, Yusuke, Alice, and Ian last night. Good movie. Elisabeth and I sang along to some of the songs. Good songs. 

I'm starting to read the news. Let's hope I can make it into a habit.

I register for classes this Wednesday. Hopefully I will take English 105, Spanish 252 and Nutrition 245. If the Spanish doesn't work then I'll take Biology 101. Or maybe Art 101 or Math 130. We'll see.

Lesson of the day: Judging someone based off of no evidence is so stupid. Also, knowledge is very important and we are blessed to be able to recieve it so never stop learning.

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