Trip to Seattle

I went to Seattle! I went to Seattle! I know I shouldn’t brag but… I went to Seattle!

Who knew how happy that would make me? Well, it made me quite happy. Yusuke 2 couldn’t go so Risa and Elisabeth invited me. I sat in the middle between Naoya who tried doing homework but continually got sick from the stuffy car and Nina whom I tried to converse with occasionally but he seemed to have a semi-difficult time understanding me.

We went to Wujima (sp), the Asian store, where I got separated from the group and couldn’t find anyone for eternity. The place was confusing and crowded, two things that should never go together. I bought this really good chocolate covered bread type stuff that Emi had let me try a while ago. And then I also got Hawaiian bread and bits of fortune cookies. Muy delicioso. Had lunch there and then headed on down to…

Pike Place Market: Again, crowded place so I was kind of freaking out occasionally. I mean, I don’t like downtown areas. The homeless people, the possibility of getting kidnapped or mugged, the idea of getting lost. None of it is very enjoyable. So I was always making sure everyone was together. I bought flowers! The most beautiful tulips in all the land. And oh are they beautiful. If only Dad had let me keep the digital camera I could put a picture up. It’s all your fault Dad! Lol. Just kidding. ūüėÄ

Anyways, we went to the first Starbucks ever where there was a black group of men singing. They had good voices and Elisabeth and I would join in the singing if we knew the song or learned the chorus. It was fun.

Next we went to Pioneer Square where we hung out at a toy store for a bit and Nina bought a little license plate with his name. Walked around the Pioneer Square area where we found a really cool bookstore, I definitely want to go again but likely will not.

After that we headed to the Space Needle where we looked in the gift shop and I found¬†a cool little beanie hat that looked wonderful on me. But I didn’t want to spend 13 dollars, that is just way too much. Seriously. Had dinner in the Seattle¬†Center and then headed to my house!

Yep, we went to my house. Elisabeth now understands why my dorm is decorated the way it is. Everyone thought the house was cute and Risa was taking pictures of some of the rooms. A while later and we headed back to Ellensburg.

Long journey¬†that seemed to take forever but really didn’t. I stayed awake the whole time though I was definitely drifting off towards the end. Sidney was a good driver for the most part, but¬†none of us are perfect so I can’t complain.

Today¬†I went to Amy’s church, a 1st Baptist¬†one.¬†Very different service. I’d like to explain everything here but it would take up too much room. So I’ll just put a bit¬†of images in: people waving flags, a man saying, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, over and over again, stomping around, a man lying on the floor.¬†That should be good. Let’s just say that it works for some people, and that’s fine, but it definitely does¬†not work for me.

Then I watched The Thorn Birds and Mulan and did a bit of homework. No nap. Darn.

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