Look through your lenses, what do you see? Now look through mine…

Spring break was pleasant and fun, for the most part. It began by going to Costco and dropping off Dad's car for repairs. Then I saw Nadia. Thursday I went to the dentist and discovered I had two small cavities. I swear, every time I go in there I have at least two cavities. Will they never go away!!! So Mom scheduled a Monday morning appointment to have them filled. Afterwards the attendant lady told me they had found two other small cavities so they filled those too. I don't know how they missed them. It's a bit odd. But whatever.

Friday I saw Horton Hears a Who with Katie. Great movie! If you haven't seen it, go see it now. Then we came back to my house and hung out. Austin came over later and so did Nadia. Then Kaitlin and Kevin came back from Colorado. Saturday we had a scavenger hunt at Bell Square and then went to Katie's house. We played Rock Band and watched Enchanted.

Sunday was Easter. We went to church and the McNamara's came too. Then we had Easter dinner with them and Katie. In the evening the family watched Meet the Robinson's, on my suggestion. Well, actually, it was an order. I told them we were watching it, there were no other options once I saw that movie. Thankfully my parents enjoyed it. But seriously, how could they not? It's a WONDERFUL family movie. Every family should see it. And buy it.

Monday I went to the dentist as previously mentioned, picked up one of Elisabeth's luggage she could not take, and drove to EBurg. We ate at the Pasta Co. and then I went back to the dorm.

I miss my family. It's amazing how in one week I can be right at home again in Bellevue. Tear. But summer is coming soon. Which means family, and a job. I've applied to three places so far and plan on applying to two more tomorrow. The rest require me actually going in so I'll do that next time I'm in Bellevue.

Today was first day of school. I only had two classes, both gave homework. Math will be a tad difficult but I know I can pass. And Anthropology will consist of a lot of reading. A lot.

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