2 more weeks of school (and finals)

Kaitlin and Kevin came over on Sunday! Yay! We went into Ellensburg. Kaitlin and I went to Maurices, a store in which we have been only a few times before when we lived in Colorado. Sadly, the store did not hold up it's former image of being amazing and having tons of cute stuff. But, in the end, that is a good thing because then I was not tempted to buy anything. Then we went to Goodwill where I got three cute tall skinny vases. I will use them for decorations next year. That shall be discussed later.

After Goodwill we came back home and then had dinner at Pizza Hut. I tried one of their new pasta dishes, the spaghetti one. I must say it was actually decent considering it came from Pizza Hut. I liked it and have no complaints. Later we played Cranium in which Christian and I won. Though it was a close tie, Kaitlin and Kevin were right behind us and Sidney and Donny right behind them. In the evening we watched Pride and Prejudice and played a game of pool. Kaitlin accidentally hit the 8 ball in and so Christian and I won the game.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed their stay. They make me happy!

Okay, so on to the room decorations for next year. The theme: ocean front condo. The colors: light sea blue and white. It will be gorgeous. I'm hoping that maybe the kitchen can be a Spanish Mediterranean theme. But we'll see how that goes. Kevin suggested the amazing idea of taking scrapbook paper and using it as wallpaper. Brilliant!

The weather is still hot but today it's only 80 degrees instead of 85 or 90. Our dorms do not have ac but the rest of the buildings do so I guess if I really get hot I can just go to the SUB. The problem is, the heat makes me lazy and tired and so I'm too lazy and tired to walk to the SUB to get cool. Wow, what a problem for a college student to have. If that's my only problem I'd say I'm doing really well in life!

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