Last Week of School and the Emotions Persist

Yep, school is almost over. I feel many emotions right now so we'll see how the last day goes. I'm pretty sure there will be tears. There's no way of me getting around that either, they'll come whether I want them to or not.

Christian came back home yesterday and brought with him a clown nose. With some persuasion and persistance from Elisabeth and Christian I put it on. They said I was cute so I'll take their word. Christian has a clown nose too. Aren't we a pair? 😀 Christian got Elisabeth a Circ de Solei (sp) bracelet. It's pretty cool. That evening we watched The Legend of 1900, a movie. It was pretty interesting and of course not how I wanted it to end at all but how it had to end. I hate those kinds of movies 'cause they always leave ya sad. Well, okay, I don't hate them. Obviously I watch them but sometimes I wish there were only happy movies in the world.

Before that I went to the Anderson BBQ. Basically no one showed up, which I should have expected. The group of people living in Anderson aren't really the community kind. So I had 8 slices of watermelon. Yep, eight. I thought it was delicious. I have not had watermelon in such a long time. It's tasty. Yum. I also took a few pieces back to my room too. I didn't stay too long at the BBQ 'cause the talk was getting too inappropriate for my taste, but I enjoyed it up until then.

I also went to church that morning with Donny. Our last Sunday before the end of the year. And the sermon was about forgiveness. I think that's a pretty good idea, to forgive the people who have hurt you this year. And in general too. So let's hope I can work on my forgiving side, not that I don't forgive people. I think I do.

Today I watched Prince Caspian! Awesome movie! I cried a bit in it. So going to buy the movie when it comes out. And my goodness are those boys growing up! And Susan is beautiful too! Anyways, I thought it wasa great movie and worthy of mention. Definitely go see it. Who knows, a conversation about Christ or God might come up. Or it might not.

Free french toast tonight at 10. Even though I wasn't really hungry I had some. Then I had a pastry. I love pastries. They are my downfall. Well, them and a thousand other delictable items that should never have been created.

What fashion item should I talk about today? Perhaps sunglasses? Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun and let you stare at people without their knowledge but they also make you look beautiful. Or should I say more beautiful. You have to get the right pair though. Not everyone looks in good in white sunglasses. And some look better in smaller ones than bigger. So try on all kinds and ask your friends for their opinion. Just make sure the friends you ask will actually tell the truth and not say, "They look great!" for every one you try on.

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