I’m home. Wow, what an interesting title.

Packing was pretty crazy and on Thursday the depression set in. Thankfully on Friday I was way too busy to acknowledge my sadness until the last second. Then I started crying when I hugged everyone. But I'll see them again! And I mean it too. No saying I'll see them and then slowly our friendship fades (this remark is made towards the exchange students who aren't returning next year).

Friday night I went to Kevin's house to celebrate his birthday. We had hamburgers and fruit salad and chips. Very good. I had a great time over there. I played Risk for the first time ever and fell in love with it. It takes forever though so it's not an everyday game. I almost won but came in 2nd because I was so tired I didn't want to have to keep fighting Kaitlin. One day I'll win, I just know it! 😀

Saturday I cleaned my room as best I could because company came over. A family whom my family knew 14 years ago when I was in kindergarden. We hadn't seen them for 13 years. Two boys, 19 and 15. I was wary at first, not knowing how they were going to act. Would they be friendly or quiet or mean? But in the end we got along really well. I was laughing almost the entire time. Those boys like to talk! They kept the conversation going from dinner until the end of the night. It just took them a bit to start talking, but after that they would not stop.

Today was church where Mom and Dad became members. I was really tired and afterwards took a nap. We're celebrating Dad's birthday tonight with fajitas! Aye aye! (I say that in a Spanish accent). Tomorrow I am going to Red Robin and a movie with Christian and his friends.

Free clothes rock.

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