Busy busy busy

I got a job yesterday. I now work at Lifeway Christian Stores. Kevin and now Austin McNamara work there too! So I'm really excited and not nervous at all. It's great. I have to turn in paperwork today and I should get my schedule on Monday. So now I have a job and am going to summer school. It shall be a busy summer, but that makes me happy. I won't have time to sit around and wonder what to do with my life. Also, starting next week and going on for about a week and half I will be watering my neighbor's plants so I'll get money for that. And Monday I'm babysitting so there's more money! Geeze louise, let's hope I can save it all up and earn some moolah this summer. Then I can use the money for groceries and gas! Woo hoo! What a life! 😀

Today I am going to the Strawberry Festival where I shall watch Austin McNamara perform in a play about Meydenbaur Bay (sp). I am looking forward to that. I haven't seen Austin act in quite a while. I actually think the last performance I saw was when he was in The Three Musketeers. Maybe I can have some strawberries too. After that I need to give the paperwork to Lifeway, pick up my laptop from Best Buy, and I thought there was something else but there probably isn't. Homework. I need to do that. And clean my bathroom. It hasn't been clean since I got back home. Well today is the day!

I saw Elisabeth yesterday. Oh my gosh it was so much fun and nice seeing her. We went to Bell Square and just hung out, had lunch, walked around, looked in stores. We want to go to the zoo now so if anyone's interested tell me. We haven't figured out a date yet because of work schedules but once we have them we'll solve that problem.

I should go do some Rosetta Stone Spanish, I haven't done that in a few days. Bummer. I better get on that! Adios.

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