Work and the 4th

Today was my second day of work. I actually enjoy it! Well, not "actually", I thought I would enjoy it from the start seeing as how it's a bookstore. And oh my gosh am I gonna have to be careful about how I spend my money. I could buy so much stuff in Lifeway! All of my coworkers are nice, the ones I've met at least. I've gotten to close the store both times! That means I get to count money! Now to some of you that may not seem like a big deal. But I've never done it before so I think it's awesome. That someone trusts me with money. Anyways, I work almost every day for the rest of July, I get Sundays off (obviously) and then one other day off each week. Though at first that may sound daunting it does mean money, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Yesterday I celebrated the 4th of July with my Bellevue friends (which now will include Christian). We went out to Rattlesnake Lake (which, if you have not gone there I highly suggest you do) and hung out there until early evening. Austin McNamara, Austin Walterman, his mom, and I went on a hike up Rattlesnake Ridge. Though the hike up is quite tiring, you're going up basically the entire time, the view is most definitely worth it. Notice the bold lettering, I don't use that often so it is importante. Yeah, I can't even describe how gorgeous the view is. There are no words to describe it. How cliche.

Tomorrow is a party at my house. Then maybe we'll go to a park and play capture the flag in a park at dark. That should be fun. And sometime between church and the party I will need to study biology. Which is still interesting me. I got to learn about orcas the other day and then about populations.

So, if those of you who read this are ever in the downtown Bellevue please come visit Lifeway, I'd love to see you!


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