I got an umbrella

It’s really cute.

The end.

I bought some groceries today. I got: cereal, mini muffins, a chocolate bar, some cookies, milk, three kiwis, and three nectarines all for only 7 euros. Beat that US! 😛 Yeah, so I totally have moments where I think, “maybe a year would be good” but when it comes down to it, I think it’s better for me and my parents if I go back to the US. Money reasons and school reasons and I get to see Gene! Hehehe.

Just talked to my parents. Les amo. Dad bought me a new battery for my computer cause my old one sucked. 20 minutes and it’d be dead already. Yeah.

Okay so I totally don’t have anything cool to say. I should. I’m in Spain, I should always have something cool to say. Um, on my walk to the metro there is this one part that smells really good. I think it’s lilac or something. It smells wonderful.

Oops, I was supposed to take a shower today. Well, too late for that. I’m too tired and it’s already 10:30 and I just don’t wanna. Meh. People will just have to put up with my stinky self for one day. I’ll spray perfume on me or try and not sweat as much.

Pa-sha! I suck at Global Economy. Bleh. I thought we were gonna learn easy stuff like: North America trades with Canada and Mexico. Equals: NAFTA. I could totally get that. But we were learning about concepts and concepts are just way past my ability. Lol. Thankfully we’re moving on to the WTO so I think I should be able to get a handle on the class. Hopefully. All else is going well. I am bonding with my host mom more. Perhaps knowing that I won’t be here a whole year has made me branch out more. That’s a positive side effect I think. 🙂

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