Trees cry yellow tears

That or it’s really pee. And if that’s the case then it changes my view of trees and how they work. Yeah, better not to think about it.

Back at Central. At the moment I can hear squealing, high-pitched voices which I can only assume are happy girls who really should be getting ready for bed or studying. Oh wait…it’s college, that’s not what happens here. Well I already have homework and it’s the first day. And no, I haven’t finished. I’ll finish tomorrow. Cause I’m cool like that.

Pretty sure all my classes are figured out. I know, first day and I’m already on top of things. 😉 Don’t have all my books yet but whatever, it’s not that important. Shoulders hurt from hunching over to use my computer. My desk is a mess and my storage unit continues to remind me how I really need to get a handle on what I consider “treasure”.

I now have a parking permit and can park in the parking lot legally now. Good thing too cause I think Thursday is when they start ticketing people. Could be wrong cause I only overheard that while eavesdropping (it’s what I do) but it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it?

I have finally seen Sidney and Yusuke and a gaggle of other people (hope I used that word properly, cause it’s cool). I am content and glad to be back though obv it is different from Spain. Bet I can still have fun.

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