I can hear my back breaking already

Classes have begun again. My goodness, it seems to never end, and yet I love being in school. It beats working. 🙂
I am taking:

  • World Regional Geography
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish Literature
  • Sacred Books of the World

Each count for either my major (Spanish) or minor (International Studies) so I'm in good shape. It does mean a lot of work though – 18 credits. I will have to write papers and take exams but I suppose that's the natural order of things. Still, I'd rather not. 😉

Second day of classes and I already have homework. I had homework yesterday too, let's get that straight right now. And guess which classes? Spanish. It's a good thing, really, jumping right in. This way I am unable to forget everything I remember now. Lol. I am going to try and find a Spanish television show (preferably a children's one) that I will watch and I might try to read a book in Spanish. We shall see. I think I'm still in the elementary school reading level. Probably speaking level too. I wonder if I shall ever be fluent.

It's cold here, as expected, but I'm holding up. I shall go to Gene's place this weekend. Sidney and Yusuke might come along too. 🙂 Better check the weather to see what's up ahead.

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