Thinking of interesting titles is hard

I just discovered that my computer thought it was February. Woah buddy, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? I still haven’t even made any new year resolution’s. Probably pointless to anyway, I always fail in the end. /pout

I’m lonely. It’s so sad not having the same community I had last year and the year before that. Gosh darn it, and you people wonder why I hate change. No? You didn’t wonder? You never even thought about me? Hm…

Anyways, Sidney’s off far away and Yusuke obviously never wants to come visit (QQ) so I’m left alone…in my room…to listen to silence. Eh, I’ll get over it I’m sure.

Spanish homework is consuming my life. Well, the two days that I’ve had class. But it’s consuming it!! /runs away and screams. So much reading. Spain wasn’t even this difficult. I suppose that’s normal though, most exchange student classes are easy or so I’ve heard. I better learn a lot this year.

I like the sound the keys make on the keyboard when I type. It’s cool. Yep, I’m a girl, I can go from topic to topic without a breath. I should put up a picture but I don’t have a cool one. Guess I’m a loser. šŸ˜›

2 thoughts on “Thinking of interesting titles is hard

  1. while i’m still here, you’re welcome to come over whenever you want šŸ˜› unlike your place, i have wireless so you can get on the internet too! just a thought~

  2. who do you live with? you’ve got roommates to get to know, eh? they’ve probably all been waiting for you to turn that pod into a family!

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