How to save money at college

Who wouldn’t want to save a few dollars if possible? With college intuition increasing every freakin’ year it’s a smart idea to cut corners if you can. Here are some of the ways I save money:

  1. Cheapest cereal from Costco or Fred Meyer every day for breakfast.
  2. Cheapest bread, jelly, and peanut butter for pb&j sandwiches every day for lunch.
  3. Eat at the cafeteria for dinner but don’t overdo it.
  4. Don’t buy all the textbooks. Just go to the university bookstore and read them there.
  5. Get someone else to pay for gas and food. šŸ˜€

They may not work for you but they’re working for me. Sadly I’m getting tired of pb&j sandwiches and so that will have to change. Hm, maybe pb & honey? šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “How to save money at college

  1. Rice and beans are by far the single cheapest combination there is… you can get a 50 lb bag of white rice and a 25 lb bag of Pinto beans at Costco for $15 each and live on it for months, if need be.

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