It could have flown from the Amazon Rainforest

That’s what I said to Gene when he had an encounter with a weird looking bug. I suggested that perhaps it had laid eggs in his arm. Gene said it wasn’t possible, there was no such bug that could do that in the U.S. So I said “it could have flown from the Amazon Rainforest”. The end.

Finals week this week. I only have one more final and I’m done. Yay. Whatever will I do with my time now? Perhaps I shall attempt to write yet another story that will never be finished. Or I could finish reading all the books I have begun. I do love reading.

As some of you may have known, I had to write a poem for my Spanish Literature class. It could be about anything, be as long or as short as I wanted, and be in any language. I wrote three poems. One, with the help of an acquaintance who decided he needed to edit it, one that was meant to be deep, and one that I wrote three minutes before the class started. Guess which one the teacher liked the best?

Lesson learned here? I can write an amazing poem in 2 minutes and my teacher thinks it took me at least 15. Boo-ya. I shall post the poem on my blog.

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