Pigs, Spanish, and Dragons

I want to change my blog’s title but I haven’t thought about what it should be as of yet. Anyone have any really awesome ideas?

The friends and I watched Charlotte’s Web, the play, yesterday at school. It was a very small cast, only six people I think, so it was quite impressive how they put it on. The actors did wonderfully with the children in the audience as well. I never would have thought of making a play out of Charlotte’s Web but here it is and it was done quite well.

I am back in the swing of things at school. Sidney helped me and my Spanish group film a skit for class. I am glad that is over, no more having to worry about it. I read a very interesting short story about the life of the Minotaur, through his perspective. I loved it and if any of you read Spanish, I recommend you read it to: “La casa de Asterión” by Borges.

I finished The Belgariad series yesterday. Great book series for those who like the fantasy genre. There are five books in the series. It’s quite an easy read but it keeps you engaged the whole time. And the cool part about this author? He has also written other series that are related to The Belgariad. I have yet to read them but I look forward to the opportunity. Now, however, I am determined to finish another series I have started, Dragonlance.

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