Well…it could have been worse

I got my first D ever today.

Let that sink in.

At least, it’s the first D that I can remember. On my International Politics exam. What fun. I thought I had gotten a B too. Imagine my surprise when there’s a note on my test that says I need to meet with the teacher after class. And when I and the rest of the D and F students meet with him he says that 80% of us are not going to raise our grades.

Um, excuse me? Are you serious? Shouldn’t you be a bit more positive? A bit more encouraging? Well I’m gonna show you. I never liked you in the first place.

Yay! I got a D!

Was it my own fault that I got a D? Probably. I’m also going to blame the teacher for being too harsh of a grader. But he is the professor, he does have that right, I guess.

At first I was quite downtrodden about the grade but then I realized that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. In fact, I could definitely celebrate the fact that I didn’t do well! Why not?! It was my first ever D and maybe not my last. It was just one grade in a thousand grades that I’ve gotten my entire life.

Sadly, I did not celebrate but instead finished reading the International Politics chapter I had begun and then reviewed it again as I took notes. But maybe I’ll celebrate another time.

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