Roommate Rules to Live By

If you have ever lived in the same room as someone else then you have probably experienced some of these problems too. Feel free to post other rules that I should add.

  1. When you alarm goes off, turn it off. Now, if you really need to hit snooze then go for it, but only hit it once. Once the alarm goes off again it is time for you to get up. So turn off the damn alarm and get up. If you never planned on getting up that early in the first place then don’t set your damn alarm!
  2. When I have gone to bed before you, please turn off your main light. Keeping on your lamp is perfectly fine, I understand you still want to see, but the main light? Seriously? Not needed.
  3. Also when I have gone to bed, try to be quiet. There is no need for you to be slamming your drawers and making as much noise as possible.
  4. When I have come back from class or from being out and you are listening to your music aloud, finish the song and then switch to headphones. I don’t need to hear your favorite songs, I’d much rather listen to my own.
  5. Dry your hair in the bathroom, not in our room. The hairdryer is loud.
  6. Warn me a day ahead of time before you’re gonna have a humongous party. And try to keep the party guests from being really loud. There is a lounge for a reason, ya know.

4 thoughts on “Roommate Rules to Live By

  1. Yeah, you could even just post them down by the mailboxes, if you want to stay somewhat anonymous….. if they recognize their own bad behavior, so be it!
    hey, see you this weekend, yes? you can expect better behavior from me!

  2. Keep your own things together, obviously You wouldn’t want your roomate’s clothes and shoes and garbage on your side of the room, just because you live together doesn’t mean you want to share everything!

    What about keeping telephone conversations to yourself, when your roommate enters try and keep your voice down or go out to the hall or a common area!


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