Oh Rocky Mountains, how I adore you.

The past few days my parents and I have been hanging out in the Rocky Mountains. Left the day after I arrived in Denver. We’re staying in a really nice hotel lodge that would be totally cool if it had wifi everywhere and not just the lounge. /pout

We visited the town that my family and I have been going to since before I was born. Grand Lake, Colorado. It was absolutely lovely. The town is almost the same except for all the new lodging every which where. And of course the fact that some of the cute little shops that I grew to love are no longer in business. 😦

Yesterday we went on a hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was raining. But we went. The petrichor and general smell of the forest was quite enjoyable. We’ve gone on that hike so many times. Wild strawberries grow along that trail in August.

Today we went on a hike to a waterfall. It was sunny. Yay. We’ve gone up that trail often as well. A wall has been built along the waterfall now so hikers can’t get right up to the edge like we used to. Oh well.

I also walked up a hill that I used to play on as a kid. And I must say I was kinda if not almost wholly disappointed. Someone had built a house on the hill and so the trail was wiped out. How horrid. And there was a huge pipe in a stream that didn’t used to be there. And most of the trees were dead because of the pine beetle. And our old fort wasn’t very neat. /cry

Lesson: things change and I have to accept it.

One thought on “Oh Rocky Mountains, how I adore you.

  1. petrichor!! teehee, i see what you did there 😛

    i know how you feel about things changing. i feel that way about diamond lake. but you got an earful about that from mom already, so…

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