PAX!!! /screams

I had the most amazing time ever at my first PAX. There was so much that went on that there’s no way I could talk about all of it in a short, non-boring-for-the-readers way so I will just go over the highlights.

Wil Wheaton! Wil Wheaton walked in front of me! Ahhh. I mean, he was right in front of me! Me! I almost fainted from the sheer awesomeness of it. I was not brave enough to say hello though so he just kept walking. But that’s okay. I got to see him later in a D&D session and in his very own panel.

Acquisitions Inc: This D&D session was absolutely wonderful. Hilarious and entertaining and adventure! Wil Wheaton was one of the players. The players just work so well together, magic ensues.

D&D Game: I got to play a life-size version of D&D with 5 strangers. It was fun. I rolled a crit 20 and therefore gave my entire party their very own D&D bags! I also got a special D&D coin which when turned in gave me D&D Condition cards! w00t.

Games: PAX is awesome cause you can play video games and board games as much as you want. You just check out the game and go. We did that a few times. So awesome. I played Lego Harry Potter and Three Dragon Ante.

Other Stuff

  • Seeing the TRS guys in the games room and walking right next to them!
  • Playing Munchkin with strangers
  • Free pizza
  • Buttons, shirts, and posters
  • Playing Little Big Planet 2

Though I am absolutely exhausted and went to sleep early last night I had the most wonderful, lovely, cool time and will go again if I can. PAX rocks!

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