There go the butterflies

Today was my last first day of college. Normally I get nervous when classes start. I get nervous the night before, sometimes even the day before. It’s always happened and though you think I would have either gotten used to it or gotten over it, neither ever occurred.

Today however, was completely different. My nervousness was almost nonexistent! I was looking forward to my Spanish classes because I love them and I know people in them. And I knew that my weight training class wouldn’t be bad at all because we probably wouldn’t do much. It was quite nice not having so many butterflies in my stomach.

So, my last first day of school went very well. Classes weren’t bad and I got to hang out with friends afterward and do D&D stuff. I would call that a successful day. I am absolutely exhausted now and ready to sleep but I think I’ll read a bit first and talk to Gene. 🙂 Goodnight all.

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