Goodbye my dear old friend.

My heart was torn apart last night. Cut open and ripped from my body and then crammed back inside.

It all started when Elisabeth, Yusuke and I finished the 9th Dr. Who’s season last night. I didn’t realize it was the end so it was a total shock when I found out.

Christopher Eccleston.The 9th doctor. The quirky, odd, brilliant, amazing man.  He’s not returning. Not coming back. Ever. Why did he only do one season?! Why?

Dr. #9 will always have a place in my heart. Elisabeth pointed out how a girl’s first doctor is always her favorite. I think I’ll have to agree. The moment I saw the next doctor, I went into “I hate him” mode. I knew there was no way he could match Dr #9’s personality. I was crushed.

However much I dread the new doctor I will continue to watch the series. How can I not? The plot is wonderful and Dr. #10 really doesn’t seem THAT horrible. Maybe I’ll like him in the end. Maybe I’ll cry like a baby when his seasons are over.

Before I start watching Dr. #10 though I need to have a mourning period. I think a week or so will do. And hey, thanks to technology I can always re-watch my favorite Doctor doing all the awesome things he does.

So I leave with a message to Dr. 9:

Dear Doctor 9. I’ll miss you.  I’ll miss all the crazy, ridiculous things you did. I’ll miss your face. I fell in love with you and would totally have married you if you actually existed too. Goodbye my friend, see you in the reruns.

Image from wikipedia.

Edit 2/21/2013: I did cry like a baby when Doctor #10 died. Yeah, fell in love with him too. And I’m fairly happy with #11 as well, what can I say, I just like Doctor Who!

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