What I like Wednesday: My sister

My sister broke her ankle last weekend. She had to have surgery so the doctors could put a pin in it. She had never had surgery before so she was very brave to say yes and go through it with it. She has handled everything very well and is now recovering back at home.

For this “What I like Wednesday” segment I chose my sister because she’s been a real trooper the past few days. I know it was scary and stressful and painful but she is hanging in there and staying positive. She’s an awesome person who deserves some praise for going through all this.

It should be noted that Kevin, her husband, has been awesome as well. Dealing with a scared Kaitlin is not always easy and he makes it seem like a breeze. He’s also had to deal with doctors and insurance agents which is not always very pleasant. So this week I like my sister and Kevin who work hard and make it through anything.

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