What I like Wednesday: spring break

I arrived in Colorado Saturday evening and from then on have been relaxing and spending time with some pretty cool people.

On Sunday morning I went to church and got to visit with some old friends. Then we went out to lunch with the pastor and his family and chatted it up some more.

Sunday evening the family went out to watch Traces, an awesome cirque du soleil type performance. The artists used items like basketballs, skateboards, poles, and hoops to do spectacular things with their bodies. These people are so super talented it is inspiring. I am now going to try and convince Gene to learn how to do pull ups sideways. 🙂 It was an amazing performance and if anyone is in Denver for the next two months I suggest you go see them.

Monday I had Chik0-fil-A with my friend Dana and we hung out at the mall for a couple of hours. It was nice to get out of the house and spend some time with an old friend.

Tuesday however was not as pleasant as I had to go to the dentist and low and behold I had three new cavities. Almost all of my fillings had to be redone as well because they were so old. So the dentist took care of my top teeth. It actually wasn’t that bad in reality cause they numbed my mouth so I didn’t even feel the needles going in.

After the dentist I had dinner with my parents and Nate and then we watched The Adjustment Bureau. It was a nice and enjoyable movie.

Then today I had to go back to the dentist to get my bottom teeth fixed. I am now set for another 6 months. I promise I’ll start flossing the moment I get back to Eburg. 😉

And now I am over at Kaitlin and Kevin’s place where we are about to watch X Men the movie and have a delicious dessert that my mom made.

Life is good.

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