What I don’t like Monday: sunburns

Since everyone’s  (Mitch, Katie, and Gene) doing it I’m gonna hop on the bandwagon and start doing What I don’t like Monday now.

For my first ever What I don’t like Mondays my topic is:  sunburns. I got one today when I went walking with Gene. My shoulders and back are now burned.

I had been doing so well with putting on sunscreen this whole summer but today I was lax and look what happened. It was supposed to be cloudy all day so I figured I didn’t need sunscreen when we left the apartment. But here I am, proving that even if it’s not sunny, one can get a sunburn. You suck sun! I do know that the sun’s rays hit the earth even if it’s cloudy so I could still have gotten sunburned but pft, it’s just not fair!

Now I’m going to have to deal with hot skin that is delicate to the touch. And of course I’ve just increased my chance of getting skin cancer. /Sarcastic yay. I was foolish and stupid, I know, but I still hate sunburns and think that the moment a child is born he should be injected with some kind of sun-reflection substance that permeates the skin and makes all sun rays bounce off. It would be some kind of bacteria or something that survives so as skin grows the stuff spreads everywhere.  …That would be awesome.

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