What I like Wednesday: My grandpa

They really are happy people

Today my grandpa turns 80 years old. It’s a bit shocking because he doesn’t seem that old to me. He hasn’t changed much since my childhood, not that I can tell. Maybe he walks a bit slower, but he’s still funny and smart and enjoyable to be around, and that’s what you notice about him.

I have many good memories with him that I would like to mention in honor of his birthday.

First, we spent time in Brownwood where he shot an armadillo in his driveway and wouldn’t let the grandkids watch the thing die, even though we probably wanted to.  He shot a rattlesnake in the woods behind his house one time too and afterward he kept the rattler as a souvenir. He would take everyone out on the lake in his boat all the time in the summer and we’d go tubing or swimming or just ride around for a while. We looked through the I Spy books together on the couch by the fuzzy rug. I remember there was one time where we couldn’t find one of the hidden things and although we kept looking I’m not sure we ever found it.

Opening presents on Christmas Day, 2010

We spent time in the Rocky Mountains where we went hiking and where he played the Woodcutter in our Little Red Riding Hood play.

We spent time at the Grand Canyon where we watched the sun set and saw paintings Native Americans had made ages ago on the rocks. We ate dinner at Denny’s, a place he approved of.

We spent a few hours in a small town in Wyoming because the car was having problems on the way to a cousin’s wedding. I remember sitting in the lobby of the mechanic’s and making an Eeyore pillow while he and my grandmother sat, waiting patiently, probably reading something.

And we’ve spent time in Heath and other places, playing UNO over and over because he could never win. (He did win once though). We’ve gone to Wal Mart together (he’s my kind of shopper) and CiCi’s together (all you can eat pizza). We’ve talked about history and life and movies.

I love my grandfather very much. He has been around for all of his grandchildren whenever they need him. He is intelligent and witty. I am honored to have him as my grandfather. Happy birthday Paw-Paw, I hope it’s a great one.

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