I am in the fashion mood.

So I’ve been watching Project Runway recently. And watching the show has put me in the mood to try to dress more fashionably. Seeing as how I do not have a job and I don’t like spending money on clothes that leaves me to just look at garments and pine after them. Here are some that I found:

Woven Sailor Pants:Forever 21, $24.80

I totally wish I had the guts to wear these pants with the suspenders. I find that some people can really pull of the suspender look. Maybe even I could, but I don’t think I would try. Still, these pants are pretty cool.

Knit Pullover Tunic:Forever 21, $17.80

I really want some sweaters. Some knitted, huge, warm sweaters. Doesn’t that just sound so nice? I’ve been having trouble finding any that I like though. Maybe the kind of sweater I’m thinking of is no longer in fashion (no matter, I’ll find something I like yet!). However, I do like this shirt. It looks warm and I like how long it is. I’m not too sure on the bigness of the sleeves, seems like it could be a bit baggy and I don’t like that, but otherwise I approve.

Emerald Bewitchment: Pocketwatch
Emerald Bewitchment:  Pocketwatch:
Etsy, $65.00

I know this piece is expensive but boy is it pretty to look at. Lately I’ve been into the Steampunk look which means I like these old-timey watches. Just look at that gorgeous pattern. I love the tree in the middle.

Modern Vintage Women’s Bernadette Boot:Amazon, $135.23

Yet another expensive item but I’ve always thought it would be cool to have some really high boots ever since I watched The Devil Wears Prada. Although I don’t think I would actually wear them (however much I hope I would) these boots are awesome. I like the small heel and the simple design.