Good news, I got a job!

For those of you who aren’t in my Google + circles, let me share the news: I now have a job! I am uber excited and think I’m really going to enjoy working. I’ll be a customer service associate. I start on October 7th and will have three weeks of training before I get to do the big stuff. I’m just happy that I have a job. At the moment it is a seasonal job that I believe will last for 6 months with the possibility of becoming a permanent thing. I’m hoping that I like it enough and am great at it that I’ll at least have the opportunity to make it a set job.

So yeah, here I am, with a job! I’ve applied to 34 jobs since March (not too many but enough for me, that’s for sure) and have had two interviews before this job interview. It took me 4 months since graduating college to get this job. E ven if it doesn’t turn out to be a career I am thrilled! I know how bad the economy is so a job that I think will be awesome is great! I wish everyone out there still looking luck. If I can find a job then you definitely can too!

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