What I like Wednesday: Shows coming back on air!

Mhmraabaga, I am too excited, I can't talk

September and October are great months. Not only do they mean cooler weather and more colorful leaves but they also mean the return of long awaited TV shows. Parks and Recreation, The Office, Community, The Big Bang Theory, etc.

Clearly I’m very excited (just look at my picture). My thought process goes like this:

Hmm? The Office airs tonight? Cool!

Holy moly, Parks and Recreation does too? Woah.

Mraaw, so do all my favorite shows! Blurgy blarghy mumble jumble meepy, now I’m just speaking nonsense, I’m so thrilled.

For months we have been without these stories. We have been left to wait and wonder as to what will happen. Finally we have the chance to find out. To delve back into characters lives that don’t really exist but that we’re way too attached to. It’s just one more item I can add to my list of things that make me happy.

My question is, why do all the shows I love air on Thursdays? Personally I’d rather have them spread out during the week so I could enjoy them more but hey, can’t have everything, can I? 😉

P.S. Didn’t mean to have my face look so scary. Oh well.

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