I’ve almost made the 30 posts in 30 days mark!

One more day to go now. For a moment before writing this I thought perhaps I had forgotten to write a blog yesterday but nope, I did remember. Guess my brain just likes giving out on me every so often. Keeps me sharp!

I’m proud I made it this far and hope to write more often than twice a week from now on, although I’m not sure what will happen with my new job on the horizon.

Some data about my postings in September:

  • September 16th I had the least amount of views: 2
  • September 19th I had the most visitors of the month with 36 views.
  • In August I saw the blog was viewed a total of 206 times while in September (so far, still have a day) it was viewed 336 times.
I do need to point out that multiple views could be from the same person so it’s almost impossible to know how many people actually visited my site. Maybe wordpress could work on that?
Not all of my posts were creative or very long but I think in the long run, that’s okay. I mean, look at this post, it’s definitely not that interesting, but I have to get something out. Even if you don’t enjoy it, I get practice writing so I gain something. Shrug.

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