What I don’t like Monday: computer viruses and virus scares

Friday morning I woke up, turned on my computer, and was surprised to see that Microsoft Security Essentials said I had a virus. I had been pretty careful since the last time I got a virus so I was confused as to how I would have gotten one. I did what Microsoft said I should do and attempted to get rid of the virus. I restarted my computer only to find that the virus was still there.

Gene came over to help and tried scanning my computer with other software that was supposed to find and fix the problem. Eventually I even restored my computer to a previous date to ensure the virus was eradicated (after that the virus didn’t appear again). Since that morning I assumed that I had somehow gotten a virus on my computer until yesterday when I read an article from geek.com.

The article explains how Microsoft accidentally marked Google Chrome, the web browser, as a trojan. Thus, the whole act of having Goolge Chrome on my computer and of clicking on it to access the internet set off the security program.

It was all a lie. I didn’t have a virus on my computer. My computer was not at risk. I really dislike thinking my passwords and personal information is at risk of being given out. I really dislike thinking my computer may not work anymore and that I’ll have to spend money fixing it. I really dislike viruses and trojans and the people who create them. I wish I could find all those people and ruin their lives because if anyone deserves to have their lives ruined it is definitely those people. Viruses and everyone that surrounds them are horrible and nasty and what I don’t like.

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