What I don’t like Monday: Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Salvation Army/etc in front of stores.

Oh how horrifying the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are. They just stand there and look at me. And ask me to buy their stuff. They have to sell all their stuff or something bad will happen.  Maybe they won’t get to go on that camping trip. Maybe they’ll have to buy all the leftover food and then they’ll become obese and get diabetes and die young. I don’t know.

The Salvation Army and all other donation organizations are just as bad for me. They have to earn as much money as they can or all the poor people will starve for Christmas. Or maybe they just won’t have presents. Either way if I don’t give them my money, people will suffer.

Whoever the group and whatever the outcome I feel pressured to buy something. And I really don’t like that. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel a tiny bit guilty that I don’t want to buy their overpriced, bad-for-me food or that I don’t want to donate my spare change. I know poor people are out there in the world but dude, I’m selfish, I don’t want to give them my money. I feel like even if I give my change someone will see me and think that I’m not giving enough.

That’s why I don’t buy food from the Scouts and why I rarely give change to the red bucket. Call me selfish, evil, mean, whatever. It is what it is. I should not have to be pressured into spending my money.

6 thoughts on “What I don’t like Monday: Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Salvation Army/etc in front of stores.

  1. not at all trying to make you feel guilty or to stir things up, but with Salvation Army and such…there were MANY Christmas Dinners, Christmas Mornings, many thanksgivings, birthdays and more than one ordinary dinner and lunch that they provided for my family when I was growing up. If it weren’t for the santa’s ringing the bell outside the stores during the holiday season, and the people willing to donate throughout the year, many families, mine included truly would be close to never having christmas, or even day to day dinners and lunches. When I was 6 the Salvation Army provided not only christmas presents for my family (only practical stuff plus 1 toy each kid, except we were lucky and an entire church provided for us, and since I was the only “kid” I got lots of good toys!) but they also provided me with aid to get hot lunch at school (sack lunch was not an option in our family, too expensive) as well as school clothes and shoes. They truly are helping others out.

    I completely agree with the girl scouts and boy scouts, trust me, they hate being there as much as you hate them being there! I hateeeeed it, and usually they’re just selling them to win an EXTRA prize, or a badge, at least thats how it was when I was in girl scouts 🙂 I broke my elbow selling girl scout cookies at a Fred Meyer once…haha.

    1. also, when does the Salvation Army pressure people into donating? I’ve never had someone even ASK me to donate, I volunteered for them one holiday season, and was specifically told NOT to ask people for donations, to make sure we weren’t pressuring others…so if you’re getting pressured into donating, then you may want to look into actually talking to your local branch and let them know whats going on.

      1. The whole fact that they’re standing in front of a door ringing a bell IS pressure. They don’t have to say a word.

    2. I totally approve of what the Salvation Army is doing but I believe that even if I don’t give them money and other people don’t give them money they will still give food and presents to families. Pretty sure the Salvation Army has enough money to do that even without Christmas time donations. Do they help? I’m sure they do, but I’m pretty sure they can survive without them.

      The whole point is that I completely against any organization standing in front of a store, asking for money, whether it’s verbal or nonverbal.

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