Week 2 of training: complete

This past week went by really quickly. I have a feeling my life is going to be like this. That’s why writing a blog is important, so that I can look back and see that I did have a life, that I did do stuff (on occasion).

Friday I actually got to talk with customers. I talked to four people. 😀 May not sound like a lot but it was the perfect amount for me. I conversed with one customer for 30 minutes. He just wanted to chat.

I was nervous before I went onto the phone but once I got my first customer and was able to help him (I think at least), I felt so much more confident. Although I’ll probably still be a little nervous tomorrow I think it will be so much less than it was on Friday.

So one more week of training (aka trainers being by us as we answer calls and go to meetings) and then it’s taking calls all day. I think it’s going to be great. Right now there aren’t loads of calls so I’ll have a few minutes of free time in between each call. Supposedly a lot of people color. I’m exited! I’m gonna go buy some colored pencils and maybe a coloring book. Hehe.

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