What I don’t like Monday: Temperature control of faucets

The water comes out too hot. The water comes out too cold. The water comes out too lukewarm. Why are there still faucet issues in 2011? You’d think that by now, years since faucets were created, it would be possible to have hot but not scalding water within a minute. Or to have fairly cold water within a few seconds. But all I seem to encounter lately is less-than-ideal water situations.

The kitchen sink in my old apartment rarely got hot enough for my liking. The sink at Gene’s house is way too hot for my liking and it’s impossible to make it less hot. It’s either cold or hot. The same goes for the sink at my job. When I go to wash my hands the water always burns me. I remember the sinks in the Rocky Mountains only gave freezing cold water.

What is up people? Why is this a problem? We should have solved this by now. I am not only wasting my time waiting for the water to get warm, but I am also wasting water! Water is a precious resource and I feel bad wasting it. So water/plumbing/engineer people, please fix this problem!

One thought on “What I don’t like Monday: Temperature control of faucets

  1. This has been on my list of “stupid things that should have been fixed long ago” as well. Since we have hot water around, which is the energy inefficient part, it should be possible to get the right temperature. All you need is very fine control of the amounts and temperatures of the water. From this you can predict and control the resulting temperature when mixing cold and hot water.

    I think people are lame and don’t like change, so things in the home tend to never be modified. People just want what they had before, and nobody is going to risk losing the sale of a $200,000 home over some new faucet.

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