What I don’t like Monday: USPS Customer Service

I had to call USPS today for a customer. I had never called them before but I’ve heard that in general they aren’t very helpful so I was interested to see what would happen. Here’s how it went:

First I found some number that I believed was the local USPS.

I called them. The guy told me he wasn’t USPS but some kind of company that works with them so he gave me the USPS number for the city.

I called them. The woman told me that I should call a more local USPS and gave me the number.

I called them. They didn’t answer.

I found another local USPS nearby and called them. They didn’t answer.

I found yet another local USPS and called them. They didn’t answer.

I called the first local USPS again. A woman answered, said that there was an emergency going on in her office, and can she put me on hold. I waited on hold for 5 minutes and hung up.

I called them again an hour later. They didn’t answer.

I called the USPS customer service number. I went through the automated system to try to find tracking info for a package. The tracking number I had didn’t pull up any information. I couldn’t figure out how to speak to a representative. I hung up.

So then I finally called the customer back and apologized that I was unable to get in touch with anyone. He responded with, “Oh I already talked to them earlier and figured it out.”

Um, how the heck did the customer get in touch with them when I couldn’t? I don’t blame the woman who put me on hold for the emergency for not answering but why in the world did the other local USPS’s not answer? And why did the general USPS customer service automated answering phone not have information for my tracking number? And why was talking to a real person not readily available?

I’m disappointed in USPS but glad that the customer was able to figure it out. I can see why the company is going bankrupt.

On the other hand, UPS has been very helpful and easily accessible so far, for your future information.

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