What I like Wednesday: Sims 3

Happy 2012 everybody! I’ve missed it by a few days, but it’s still new so that’s okay!

My parents got me Sims 3 for Christmas this year. I have been wanting the game since it came out years ago. Now I have it! I just spent like 2 hours playing the game, which is amazing because usually I can only last an hour max playing anything.

I like it because it’s a game that I can’t really lose. It’s full of little goals so I feel like I’m still accomplishing something even though Sims isn’t a “real” video game. Plus, I can vicariously live through my Sim. She earns a raise? It’s like I earn a raise, yay!

It is a bit interesting, however, how my Sim’s life is all about going to work, cleaning, eating, and sleeping and doing fun things here and there if there’s free time.  Sounds a lot like my life.

Either way, I enjoy the game and am glad I finally have it!

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