What I like Wednesday: Pinterest

I wasn’t sure I would like it when I first started hearing about the site. I thought it would just be another Facebook-like website, something I didn’t really need.

But then Kaitlin suggested I try it. She showed me the stuff she had pinned and it did look kinda interesting so I decided I’d join.

I like browsing through the categories, especially the Geek and Food and Drink ones. It’s pretty cool to have so many different likes all in one place. I have yet to pin something to Pinterest but just you wait, it’ll come! There’s so much to explore, you can stay busy for quite a while on here.

I do have a few complaints with the site though. First, you are required to join via your Facebook or your Twitter account. A site like that earns a strike right away.

Second, I don’t like the layout in regards to locating who follows you and in searching for people. I know that’s not the main part of the site but it does seem like a major part: friends. It should be much easier to move around.

The site has potential and if nothing else it’s fun to look at all the pretty pictures!

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