What I like Wednesday: QI

QI is a British television show that began in the early 2000s. It stands for “Quite Interesting”.  Hosted by Stephen Fry, the show consists of four comedians being asked random, sometimes difficult, questions.

The goal of the show is to get the most points. You get points by being interesting or funny (even if your answer is wrong) or by getting the answer right. You can also lose points by giving an overly obvious and incorrect answer. For example, what word rhymes with “purple”? If someone said “nothing”, they would lose points (there’s actually two words that rhyme with it: hirple and curple).

Gene somehow found this show on his own, thought it was worthwhile, and asked if I wanted to watch it as well. I quite enjoy the show, not only do I learn many interesting facts (not one centipede has ever been found to have exactly 100 legs) but I also get to laugh a lot. And let me tell you, everyone needs to laugh every day!

If you can find a way to watch this show, I suggest you do it. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand what they’re saying, but hey, I’m hard of hearing so it could just be me! QI, go check it out!

What’s your favorite TV show right now?

2 thoughts on “What I like Wednesday: QI

    1. Malcom in the Middle, hey? Do you think I would like it? It never really appealed to me. The boys aren’t really annoying?

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