What I like Wednesday: Tetris Leggings

Buy these leggings here

How are these not one of the coolest leggings ever?! Gene found them today and knew he had to show them to me. I love playing Tetris and I like to pretend to be somewhat fashionable at times. These awesome leggings are a great mix of both for me!

They are sold by Black Milk, an online fashion line based in Australia. Priced at $75 AUD, they are too pricey for me. But they’re still fantastic.

Gene gave me the idea of trying to make my own Tetris leggings. I think it’s a great, although potentially very difficult, time-consuming, and disappointing, idea. I might just look into it, who knows!

Either way these leggings are adorable and an inspiration to be awesome!


One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Tetris Leggings

  1. hmmmm…. here’s an idea… fashion you actually play! a pencil skirt made of tetris blocks and if your boyfriend, for example, is good at tetris, he can make the entire skirt disappear! HAHA!

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