What I like Wednesday: Weekend Trips

It’s nice to get out of the house every so often. During this last weekend of mine (aka Tuesday and Wednesday) Gene and I went to visit Sidney. We wanted to see her one last time in the United States before she went off to Korea. (I say “in the United States” because I am determined to visit her in Korea as well)

We just hung out, which was exactly what I wanted to do, so the trip was a success for me.

I had some great food and learned how to make veggie lasagna from Sidney’s mom, Tammie, which I had wanted to do for some time. We went to a really cool deli where we had tasty sandwiches and wraps and these delicious potato babies. The deli has been around for years and years and has stayed in the family since the beginning. It’s such an awesome vibe, there’s even a “soda fountain” bar where you can get shakes, ice cream, and other drinks.

We watched Benny and Joon because I had never seen it and Netflix had it for free. Sidney played video games, I read Catching Fire, and Gene played on Tammie’s Mac, something he never anticipated! 😉

It was a lovely weekend but way too short. Until my next weekend…


One thought on “What I like Wednesday: Weekend Trips

  1. Thanks again for visiting me, Lauren~ I appreciate that you drove all this way for only a 2 day visit! I am going to miss you a lot, but YES! You WILL visit me :b haha

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