My new Steampunk goggles!

When I got back home yesterday from visiting Sidney, I had a package waiting for me. The return address was from Starrlitwolfing’s Imaginarium.

I didn’t recognize the name, and it didn’t look like it was from Amazon, and I hadn’t ordered anything, so I was kinda confused. I had no idea what it could be.

So I opened the box, and there were the Steampunk goggles I wanted!

My parents had told me I could use my credit card to buy a pair as one of my Christmas presents. Well, time passed and things came up and bills arrived, and I never bought any. I guess my parents got tired of it and bought them for me anyway!

It was such a lovely surprise. Don’t you just love the detail on the side? It’s probably my favorite part.

Now I need to come up with an occasion to wear them! Thanks Dad and Mom and thanks Starrlitwolfing!

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